Determining If You need a Custom Safety Cover

Safety covers can be custom designed to fit any size or shape and can accommodate any irregularities like walls, planters, and slides. If your pool has any of these listed features you will need to order a custom safety cover.

Do you want your new cover to align with existing brass anchors?

With the filled out measuring guide, we can manufacturer a new cover with straps that align with your existing anchors.

Is your pool a unique shape or size?

Our stock shapes include rectangular, grecian, round, oval and on-ground pools. If your pool is a different shape, or your size is not available from our navigation, you will need a custom cut cover.

Do you have any protrusions or obstructions within 12” from the edge of the pool that can’t be removed?

These would include slides or diving board mounting brackets, handrails, ladders, rocks, etc. which will need to be accounted for by the cover manufacturer.

Do you have pavers, grass, or wood decking anywhere around the perimeter of the pool?

Grass, un-cemented pavers, bricks, or wood all use different anchors than concrete. Even if your pool is a stock size, you will need to order a custom cover.

Do you have less than 3 feet of concrete decking at any point around the perimeter of the pool?

You will most likely need a cover manufactured with shorter straps or springs.

Does your pool have a round or diagonal corner greater than a 2 foot radius?

Any pool with a cut-corner or radius-corner greater than 2’ will experience abrasion on their covers if a standard rectangular cover is used

Does your pool have a step size other than 4’ x 8’?

Your pools step size must be 4’ x 8’ and located on either the center end, or the left or right sides with an offset no greater than 2’.

Still not sure if you need a custom cover? Want a quick rough estimate? Call 855-467-4224 to speak with one of our custom safety cover experts!